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Best for filers
Business Owners
W-2 Job Income
Single State Filers
Multiple Businesses
Multiple State Filings
Real Estate, Stocks, Crypto


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Best for filers
Business Owners 
W-2 Job Income
Multi State Filers
Real Estate, Stocks, Crypto (1)
Additional Real Estate, Stocks, Crypto
Multiple Businesses


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Best for filers
Multi-Business Owners
W-2 Job Income
Multi State Filters
All Real Estate, Stocks, and Crypto
IRA/401k/SEP Withdraws
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"The site offers very straightforward, but detailed, insight into what your taxes could look like." 


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Does it work for Bitcoin & crypto?

Yes, your Bitcoin and crypto trades can be estimated.  Simply provide your expected and/or real income.

How do you maintain accuracy?

Our tax estimates are created by professional tax planners, EA’s, and CPA’s.  We also run a robust system of automated tests to ensure the accuracy of calculations.

Are all possible taxes included?

We consider all taxes except sales taxes.  Those are still important taxes that you should factor into your personal situation.


How long do I have access to my dashboard?

Forever.  Dashboards are generally only valid for the tax year they were created for, however they can be migrated to new years.  Cost of migrating a tax dashboard depends on the complexity of your situation.

Does it work for traders and investors?

Yes, you’ll be asked to provide your expected and/or real income from your investments and your tax will be estimated.  However, we’ll need your other income for a more accurate estimate.

Does it work for (SEP/401K/IRA)?

Yes.  Provide us the specifics and you’ll be able to estimate taxes on your withdrawals.

Does it work for real estate investors?

Yes, we estimate the taxes on both income you receive running an investment property as well as profit on sale of the property.

Is it available for People Outside the US?

No, we are currently only supporting U.S. taxpayers.  If you’d like us to consider adding support for your country please let us know!

Can’t my CPA/tax preparer do this?

Yes, they may be willing to provide this for you.  Generally you should expect an Excel spreadsheet instead of a dashboard.

What if my tax estimates are wrong?

You’re entitled to a full refund.  We work hard to ensure our estimates are both reasonable and accurate, but we’re not perfect.  If you find an estimate to be unreasonable or just plain wrong, please let us know and you’ll get a full money back refund.

“Taxes Are Your Biggest Expense”

- Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad

In less than 5 minutes you could start getting the answers to your most expensive questions. 

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The Before Tax Story

My name is Matt Jensen, founder of Before Tax. I’ve been a small business owner for 10 years. For most of those years my tax strategy could be summed up as non-existent. Like many people I put off the pain of learning about taxes to focus on my business.

After completing client work, invoicing, and responding to emails the idea of spending my free time heads down in a tax books sounded like torture. Years later I eventually found the time to understand how my taxes worked and was shocked at just how much I’d been overpaying! Learning about taxes really was laborious and at times even painful, however the rewards were real.

It’s my sincerest hope that Before Tax gives you the confidence and clarity you need to begin improving your tax strategy today!